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Seafood experience with a boat trip and dinner at Cornelius


Raw shellfish bar

Have you ever tried eating sea urchins right from the shell?

In the surrounding fjords, and along the coastline of Western Norway, the sea offers world-class shellfish. Scalmarin, located in Øygarden, exports sea urchins, mahogany clams, Norwegian native flat oysters and other delicacies to renowned restaurants worldwide, and every single day they are being discovered by new markets all over the world. It seems like every food enthusiast wants hand-picked seafood from Sotra. It is only at Cornelius that the seafood is delivered on the quay by local divers.

Personally, we prefer to enjoy our shellfish raw – and straight from the sea. Hence the name RAWbar. We introduce new species, which some of us did not even know was edible, and we are confident that you will get a new view of shellfish during this 30-minute session. Let the taste buds be seduced by these local delicacies – carefully prepared by chefs with a genuine passion for seafood and local produce.

Lecture with tastings of local shellfish NOK 250 per guest


Meteorological Menu

Meteorological seafood menu. Inspired by the raw beauty of the local fjords. Offering a delicious variety of the seafood from the West coast. Tailored by the chefs on a daily basis. Based on the weather of the day and what is caught by the local fishermen. All dishes are prepared using innovative culinary techniques and with a genuine passion for seafood. On the Meteorological Menu you get to taste both shellfish and fish in addition to a seasonal desert.

5-course meteorological menu, included the boat transportation, NOK 1145 per guest

Ready for an extraordinary seafood experience? We recommend starting with the RAWbar



Meteorological shellfish tower

Minimum 2 guests

For those who prefer shellfish rather than fish, we recommend our Meteorological Shellfish Tower. The content on the tower is tailored by the chefs on a daily basis, based on the weather of the day and what is caught by the local fishermen. Examples can be hand-picked mahogany clams, horse mussels, native Norwegian flat oysters, scallops and sea urchins. As a starter we serve our signature dish, littoral crab soup. The flavors depends on the weather and the mood of the kitchen team. On a hot summer day, a lighter soup is served, while the chefs are usually generous with spices when the autumn storms are raging at their worst. In the end, we serve classics such as shrimps, mussels and Norwegian brown crab. Experience seafood extravaganza with these magnificent delicacies of the sea!

Meteorological Shellfish Tower, included the boat transportation, NOK 1245 per guest

Aiming for an extraordinary seafood experience? We recommend the upgraded shellfish platter that among other things includes lobster.

Upgrade of the shellfish platter NOK 350 per guest
Seasonal desert NOK 145 per guest

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